CC V2.2 certain 5*character buffed

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    This information i got fromバージョンアップver.2.2
    and it may change or not change differenly in CCGB.
    if there is some wrong or additional information plz tell me since this is my first Guide. CMIIW guys thank you.

    (The red marked words are the result of buff)

    2nd Ability additional effect, NOW she can MILK her party with her oversized BOOBS uh no.. I mean Heal team party 10% at the beginning of each WAVE, yes that's it...

    2nd Ability (attack power rises by 20% and damage taken falls by 25%) trigger health change from 2/3 Max. HP to ¾ Max. HP,

    Skill damage Blizzard Needle increased from 8x to 9x damage.

    (this doesn’t change your fate working in the blacksmith Isabel)

    Skill Ice Storm increase skill damage from 3.5x to 4.5x damage and skill range also increased.

    Skills Just Dispatch increase skill damage from 13xto 14x damage and skill range increased.

    2nd Ability additional effect increase, Increase Max. HP by 10% and increase HP recovery of 2.0% / 3 seconds to 2.5% / 3 seconds.

    2nd Ability additional effect, increase Max. HP by 15%.

    2nd Ability (increase attack power by 30% and decrease damage taken by 40%) health trigger changed from 1/3 Max. HP to ½ Max HP. Also. Additional effect increase attack by 5% (permanent).

    2nd Ability additional effect, chance to poison enemy when attacking.

    Skills Combustion Drive base damage increased from 8x to 8.8x damage and with2nd abilityawakened 10.4x to 11.4x damage.

    2nd Ability additional effect, increase Critical Attack power by 20% (1.5xà 1.7x crit damage).

    (Are u ready to die suffocated by her boobs? That “plot” isn’t just for show you know)

    1st Ability changed to if HP > 50%, increase movement speed by 40% and reduce damage taken by 10% (damage penalty is removed). If HP < 50% attack + 10%.

    (NOW, no longer ATTACK POWER reduction, KILL them ALL Teresa-Chan!)

    Skill Espazione increased skill damage from 0.9x16 (14.4x damage) to 0.95x16 (15.2x damage).

    2nd Ability additional effect, reduce damage taken by 10%.

    (Finally, those 2 big melons now help her reduce the impact she received)

    2nd Ability, Mage class boost attack power increased from 5%to 7% attack increase.

    2nd Ability additional effect, Movement speed increase at the beginning of each WAVE.

    1. 1st Ability additional effect, increase attack power by 5% (permanent) and chance to knock down enemy when critical hit (10%).
    2. Skill Blade Storm damage increased from 2x7 (14x damage) to 2.3x7 (16.1x damage)
    (This oldman is getting livelier more than ever, even than the youngster. He should be kissing mother earth soon, wth was sega thinking?)

    2nd Ability additional effect, restore own HP 10% at the beginning of each WAVE.

    1st Ability additional effect, attack speed increased to match Warrior class when in melee (2 seconds/hit --> 1.5 seconds/hit).

    (The increased ASPD should increase her melee DPS by 33% good buff for her).

    Skill Full Bloom damage increased from 7x to 7.7x damage

    2nd Ability additional effect, Heals HP by 5% of damage dealt.

    2nd Ability additional effect, reduce damage taken by 5% and restore own HP by 15% at the beginning of each WAVE

    Skills Destruction Smash increased damage from 15x to 15.5 damage.

    1st Ability "Open Heart" ---> "Gouging Heart"
    "Now her true nature emerge she became stronger when gouging heart whether it's the enemy or it's ally"
    additional effect, increase melee attack power by 150% and increase attack speed to match warrior class (additional critical rate increased by 45%), every time she kill increase damage by 6% and heal herself by 7% of damage dealt, for every teamate killed she gain 23% attack power increase and heal herself by 22% of Max HP. (this is a joke)

    really just kidding, no need to overreact Mei, really dont mad at me Mei plz, plz..

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