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    Straightforward shit, no need pics.

    Credits to @Pi Aspio first before anything else, cuz it will get annoying later.

    Have 5 floors.
    Each floor have 3 stages. Your chronicle power will be higher each time you clear a floor.
    Can retry until your keys gone or go pass the time limit (7 days).

    Floor 1 Strategy
    Kill yourself if you cannot beat floor 1.

    Floor 2 Strategy
    Kill yourself if you cannot beat floor 2.

    Floor 3 Strategy

    Stage 1
    Enemies: Golems. Green and Dark Blue variants.
    Weakness: Criticals, Daze.
    Golems hit hard. If you wanna do direct contact, use warriors. Otherwise, use mages.
    Dark Blue one moves slow. Green one moves fast.

    Stage 2
    Enemies: Mummies, Octodolls, Poisondolls, Blindolls, Goblin Bombers.
    Weakness: Status immunity, Daze.
    4 types of debuff against you. Hardcounter is Barienna and Unice. Otherwise avoid direct contact.
    Goblin bombers will appear. Do not try to kill, their hp is high. Just airshield and run.

    Stage 3
    Enemies: Snowmen mages / soldiers / knights, Yuni
    Weakness: Flame enhance
    Use the brand new Roro or Toto with warriors team. You should take them down rather quickly.
    Watch out for the warriors type. Otherwise should be no effort.

    Floor 4 Strategy

    Stage 1
    Enemies: Boars, Blindmoths, Poisonmoths.
    Weakness: Multi hits (boar), Melee hits (moths)
    The boars have barriers, be careful not to waste your skill just to get ignored by their barriers.
    Otherwise, watch out for the knockback from boars and poison from moths.

    Stage 2
    Enemies: Iron smoke soldiers / knights / gunners, Robot hippoes
    Weakness: bow and guns
    In general, you wanna watch out for the gunners, if you field melee units, you should go straight for them whenever gunner appears
    Otherwise, leave the soldiers and hippoes to your :archer: unit.

    Stage 3
    Enemies: Sin prison soldiers / knights / gunners, spiders, Valley & Zoe, Bomberman
    Weakness: Blunt and fist (spiders)
    Same deal as above, except you don't get to exploit the :archer: weakness, instead, you need <blunt / fist> weapons to deal bonus damage.

    Floor 5 Strategy
    Stage 1: Lizard
    Stage 2: Ogre
    Stage 3: Human

    Would be helpful if you can contribute by posting lobi videos, I guess. I'll add to this first page the one you all sluts find useful for floor 3 / 4 / 5.

    For muh love @EllWay
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    1. daze golems (or dark blue golems as you call them) can inflict daze on normal attacks so that's a reminder in case you run a melee team for 3-1 :eek:

    2. moths are weak to physical attacks, so :archer: and some :wizard: that has melee abilities which indicate physical damage will be effective too, aside from melee hits

    3. highly recommend using fist/axe for 4-3 cuz the multiplier is around 5x, which helps A LOT, also Bombomber has insta death SS so dodge at all cost

    4. sorry to brag again but here's 5th floor cleared videos:

    5-1 + 5-2 (lv95 - lv95):

    5-3 (lv110):

    - 5-1: lizard mobs, their normal attacks will reduce your stat, and lizard knights have a lot of HP
    - 5-2: ogre mobs, not really difficult, but there's more ranged-attkack vulnerable enemies, so recommend bringing at least some ranged units
    - 5-3: human mobs, the lineup is totally different from last month's 5-3, and this time it's extremely fucked up aka difficult to handle, trust me because I lost at the very beginning of wave 1 :( Lephret has 40-hit immunity shield. while Rhuanna increases atk massively on poisoned allies (by mobs that inflict poison at the start of that wave), and Juliana has around 1m+ HP with lots of backup mobs, don't waste all mana until they're out

    5. also maybe useful to add this:
    at lv10, Chronicle Power will deal 30k dmg and also inflict SLOW
    at lv15, more power and adds SLOW + BLIND
    at lv20 (max), more power and adds SLOW + BLIND + DOWN

    Not sure if Sega has plans to increase max cap for CP beyond lv20 tho, credits to @Omegastorm for in-game description
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    @Pi Aspio If that is the case, I wonder if you would recommend double Baglis for 4-3? :ninja: Since he's free tenma fist, and also able to deflect gun for extra perk.

    And no worries about vids, that's the intention of this thread anyway. :eek:
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    Are the enemies in 4th floor immune to status, particularly down?

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