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    The recent Shironeko patch introduced a new feature called "Guild Offer".

    This system allows you to send up to 4 characters a team to progress on a venture mission.
    During the progression of the quest, the characters become unavailable for any other purposes until the mission has either completed or failed.
    You can however retract the mission in which the mission will be considered failed should you need those characters immediately.
    You can send up to 3 teams at a time to progress on 3 independent missions.

    The amount of time it takes to complete each mission is dependent on the difficulty of the mission, which is indicated by the tagged star levels and listed below.
    1★: 30m
    2★: 1h
    3★: 3h
    4★: 5h
    5★: 8h

    Mission Outcome

    Now, when the timer on a mission finishes, you can check the mission to see if it has succeeded or failed.
    If the mission fails, you receive minimum rewards in terms of runes, gold and souls.
    Then there is the standard success, in which you will receive standard amount of runes, gold and souls designated by that mission.

    The most precious outcome of a mission is great success, in which you will have an opportunity to challenge a boss quest using the team you assigned to the quest.
    Make sure your team is adequately leveled and equipped so you don't catch yourself on a surprise not being able to beat the level.
    You can't revive with gems if you die within the mission but even if you failed, you are allowed to challenge the mission as many times as you want until you either complete it or abandon it.
    You can abandon the mission if you seriously can't beat the mission with your current team composition.

    By completing this quest, you will gain the major reward of the guild offer system, the accessories or rings.
    These rings grant bonuses to a character and can be selectively equipped or uneqipped at any time, the attributes assigned to them are mostly random and may contain both positive and negative attributes.

    Mission Success Rates

    When you choose a mission, it will specify what kind of team it will require to reach the maximum success rate.
    This is usually a combination of character type and class type (eg. Attack Type / Lancer).
    The more character you have to fill the requirements, the higher chance of great success.

    The success rate is indicated by both the music note level (3 notes is max) and the dialogue that the elf receptionist gives.
    As shown in the image below, you should always aim for a team composition that gives the first dialogue, the success rate goes down from there.

    I should also note that higher star mission have less likelihood of great success so it is imperative that you have the best team so you don't waste the 8h waiting time just for a 5★ mission to fail for an example.

    The influence of a character on the success rate is ranked in the order of:
    Character Type > Class Type > Special Character Bonus Specific to the Mission > Character Level > Character Rarity
    Things like LB, stats or weapon don't seem to influence the success rate.

    There is an auto assign button you can try to use first before making more detailed adjustments, the auto will pick out members from your available character pool for the highest chance of mission success.
    Make sure that characters are not assigned to any party and are free (including the normal questing parties), otherwise the auto system will ignore those characters.

    The deal here is, the more characters you have, the better off you are.

    Mission Rewards

    The main point of the guild offer system is to obtain accessories or the rings.
    The higher the difficulty level, the better chances you have to obtain a higher class ring which will have better maximum stats.
    As said earlier, the attributes assigned to these rings are rather random and you may possibly end up with a ring with more negative stats than positives.

    The quality levels are: Copper, Silver and Gold.

    Basically gold rings is more commonly seen in 4★ or 5★ missions.
    The difference between these classes are that for an example, the maximum attack stat that can be assigned to a copper ring is 3%, for silvering is 3%/5% and for gold ring is 3%/5%/7%.
    So obtaining a gold ring is the only way to get the highest stat combination (eg. two 7% atk).
    Some attributes like immune to paralyze is only available to gold ring as well.
    You can have up to three attributes per ring, including positives and negatives.

    The key here is really to grind the guild offer system until one day, an ultimate ring pops out with no negative stats and the best possible positive stats like increase attack, attack speed, SP or decrease SP cost.

    Rings with negative stats like increase SP cost, decrease attack or decrease SP can usually go to garbage unless the positive stats are really really good. While increase damage taken or decrease defense or HP are acceptable.

    Hope this helps, later.
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