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    So I guess I'm at the point where I should start worrying about my party lol.

    My main party consists of:
    5* Aludra
    3* Minimo (LB3)
    4* Rowendia
    4* Orianna
    3* Hero (sub)
    2* Dusty (sub) - due to cost restraints

    So far this team hasn't given me any trouble with the storyline, but I get the feeling it won't be enough for harder content.
    Unfortunately, I got pooped on during my pulls for the current rates-up; and with that being said, here are the rest of my notable characters...

    5* Phoena
    3* Melvina

    4* Ioh

    4* Ihelmina
    3* Robby
    3* Audette (LB2)

    4* Isaiah (have 4 copies)
    4* Febrya
    3* Yona (have 3 copies)

    Any thoughts/opinions/advice appreciated. Thanks!
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