July Thread - Lilith's Leg Fest! Free Salt for Everyone

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Is it okay to share leaked photos even though the leaker at least to provide a link as a gratitude?

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  1. Conspire

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    Managed to clear 4-1 and 4-2.

    4-1: Tsuru/Mishima/Hitori/Madoka/Tsuru
    4-2: Balgris/Michida/Griseldis/Media/Balgris

    If you're having trouble with 4-2, my team should be a pretty easy-to-follow template - other than Balgris at Lv. 100, no one has any LBs. Key thing is just to reflect all ranged attacks with Balgris, Michida and the gunners will take care of things. First boss wave requires two casts of Michida's random skill, timed to kill the gunners and healer. Final boss wave is a nuke - Balgris first, then Griseldis, Michida SS, and then Michida regular skill to mop up the remainders.

    Not sure how I'll do 4-3, though.

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