Knight Synergy teams.

Discussion in 'Party Advice' started by Quicksilvercc, Jan 17, 2016.

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    So I know that everyone and their mother loves the Morgan/Stitchia/Gunners combo and all of it's varying permutations, and there are those of us eagerly awaiting Minoa to make having Firespriteguy boosting mages more viable, that stuff is fun. A thought occurs to me and I figured I'd inquire of you guys as some of you are way more knowledgeable regarding existing and future arcana than I could ever really hope for.

    Are there any archers/gunners that give/gain boosts from having knights in party with them? And much the same for mages, are there any (aside from cheery, obv) that give any distinctive benefits for pairing them into a knight party? And warriors, though most of those are kinda powerful on their own, are there any of them that partner particularly well with knights and give bonus boosts for coupling up? Basically what I'm asking in this thread, is for some guru types to share their knowledge of potential meta builds and units that will complement each other both existing (and in the future).
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    You are asking for archers who are the buff aura holders of a knight archer team?
    There is only the sea breeze matriarch Oruoretta but it is a small 5% and a future balance patch that buffs her. Solo and Onette only give archers a small buff. The remaining chunk of jpcc doesn't have many bow archers released for a while. And I don't think any future ones give Knight buffs. The focus will be on expanding the gun archer list. The aura holder of knight archer is typically the knight part.

    Knight bow-archer composition can lean towards debuff status effects and use cards with abilities that amplify damage to enemies effected by a status effect.
    Also Rolo is ok and will get a future balance buff but he is the most desirable piece of knight Mage. More situational.

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