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  1. Mikolas

    Mikolas New Member

    Party Leader:
    Hey guys,

    My cards are as followed.

    LB3 Selene
    MLB Lindsey
    MLB Monette
    MLB Rinuya
    MLB Scherazard
    LB2 Coro
    LB0 Nimpha
    LB0 Rin Lee
    LB2 Sapras
    LB2 Gloria
    LB0 Shara
    LB1 Vorg
    LB0 Peixe
    LB0 Oguma
    LB1 Hannya

    LB1 Morgan
    LB0 Leaho
    LB0 Rolo
    LB1 Elza
    LB0 Deed
    LB0 Fan-Fan
    LB0 Rowendia

    MLB Nikolas
    MLB Solo
    LB1 Robyn (Festival)
    LB1 Nina
    LB1 Armilus
    LB0 Patricia
    LB1 Connely
    LB1 Linia
    LB0 Bonito

    MLB Frau
    MLB Liam
    MLB Hatifas
    LB2 Aelle Gloon
    LB2 Rasphia
    LB0 Claudia
    LB0 Mefulnash
    LB0 Roxanna
    LB0 Aracne
    LB0 Isaiah
    LB0 Shaly
    LB0 Vienta
    LB0 Millagen
    LB0 Rebecca
    LB0 Lucana
    LB0 Malik

    MLB Melvina
    LB0 Marina
    LB0 Lyla
    LB0 Danielle (Festival)
    LB0 Phoena

    Note that I only recently pulled the vast majority of these cards recently (F2P) and most are not leveled. I'm trying to get a sense of what I should prioritize leveling as a result. Please recommend the following:
    Soldier Party
    Knight/Mage Party
    Knight/Archer Party
    Demon Raid Party
    Whatever Else

  2. Kyrian

    Kyrian Well-Known Member

    Party Leader:
    Nice roster of arcana! At this point, you have many options:
    Your ideal subs are :wizard:Aracne and :cleric:Pheona with their second abilities unlocked unless noted otherwise. Remember that you have to max level up BOTH of them to 50 and 60 respectively unlock their sub party ability. Difficult but worth it! Feed them your enhancers and do their quests, you will not regret it! (y) Since I don't know which arcana you have are leveled or not, I can only recommend leveling the ones I mention on this list.

    :warrior: Party:
    This party will serve you well throughout book 1 and is pretty flexible. You will mostly be running it with a cleric since Selene's heal will not be enough to sustain the party for harder quests. Your priority for this party is MLBing and max leveling Marina V1, doing her quests and obtaining Marina V2 after completing book 1. Marina V2 is an amazing 4* healer who will serve you well until you pull a better healer like Lilith or Mei. In the current meta, they are the strongest party in V1 content, but it depends on the quest. Some quests will crush warrior parties but are a breeze for gunners and vice versa.

    :warrior: Selene (Stat-stick + utility, her wave heal is very useful, her special's not that great though, so don't use it. As a stat stick, she is in the party for her utility, relative tankiness and strong auto attacks, not her special)
    :warrior: Monette (Another stat-stick as she is MLB, she will be your boss finisher due to her huge single target damage on her special.)
    :warrior: Lindsey (a decent tank due to 1 mana multi-hit skill which grants her invincibility and great for airshielding)/:warrior:Coro (AOE)/:warrior:Nimpha (chest drop boost)/:warrior:Rin Lee (offensive powerhouse) - another possibility is :wizard: Claudia as she boosts warriors; there are many ways to rearrange this party, use what suits you best! (y)
    :cleric: Melvina (Take Melvina if you need healing and replace her with Marina V2 is you get her after clearing the fourth quest of Book 2. If you don't need a healer for that quest, you can replace her with one of the other warriors mentioned above that is not in your party)
    Friend: Any :warrior:, aim for high LB and as high stats as possible. AOE arcana such as :warrior:Ronda, :warrior:Trystan and :warrior:Coro are nice but not required.

    :knight:/:wizard: Party:
    Right now, since Shauna, Minoa and Alphin have not arrived in global, :knight:/:wizard: is one of the weaker parties at the moment. You still have enough arcana to make a decent knight/mage party though.
    :knight: Morgan (spammable special ability, good all around knight and offers damage reduction to other knights. )
    :knight: Leaho/:knight:Rolo (AOE, Leaho will deal more damage to enemies afflicted with debuffs such as blind, poison or slow, Rolo is a bit tougher as he takes less damage with each wave and offers both knights and mages a damage boost... which he does not benefit from sadly)
    :wizard: Liam (Global AOE)
    :wizard: Hatifas (powerful auto attacks as her damage increases every wave and gives you more mana), replace with :cleric:Melvina if you need healing)
    Friend: A tanky :knight: with a healing ability such as :knight:Parchelle or :knight:Symphonia or an offensive powerhouse like high LB :knight:Elza or Orca or another :knight:Rolo (I'm not sure if his buff stacks though, but it probably does)

    :knight:/:archer: Party:
    One of the strongest parties in the current meta, knight/gunners rely on high burst damage to destroy the opposition. In your case, your primary source of damage in this party is Nikolas. Other gunners can be recruited at Daybreak Isle (Morgan and Baltro).
    :knight: Morgan (+15% damage boost to archers, +8%damage reduction for knights combined with 1 mana spammable AOE, she's a must have in the party!)
    :archer:Nikolas (your main gunner and source of burst damage, he also has a spammable knockback which inflicts slow and poison)
    :archer: Solo (boosts archer damage, chance to slow on hit and random arrows give you some unreliable AOE and good single target damage if the boss is the only enemy left on the field)
    :archer:Linia (if you need healing, replace with :cleric:Melvina if you're struggling)/:wizard:Liam (global AOE)/:warrior:Nimpha (chest drop boost) - it's a very flexible slot (y)
    Friend: :knight: Morgan - accept no substitute! Morgan's buff stacks with friend Morgan, which will boost Nik's damage to ridiculous levels. This is what makes knight/gunner so strong.

    Demon raid party:
    :wizard: Roxanna (+50% damage for 1 mana, you should also make her your leader if you do not pull the demon hunter)
    :wizard: Frau (+15% damage and mana control)
    :knight: Morgan (Agudara raid ONLY since the demon hunter is an archer, she passively boosts archer attack by 15%)
    :wizard: Hatifas (More mana, huge auto attack damage at MLB, replace her with 3* :archer:Chantel if you have her or Agudara's demon hunter, :archer:Oletta.)
    Subs(mandatory, with other parties you can switch them out for arcana you want to level, but not here):
    :cleric: Phoena
    :wizard: Aracne
    Friend: If you pull the demon hunter, you can consider bringing in :archer:Musica as a reinforcement or just using a friend's demon hunter. Musica is amazing for demon raids due to wave heal, mana on kill and her godly song. If you don't pull the demon hunter... borrow one from a friend! (y)
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  3. Mikolas

    Mikolas New Member

    Party Leader:

    I'm not sure how that Demon Party is going to work at higher levels though.
    Morgan by herself won't be enough to tank/remove everybody to have a clear shot at the boss? Also, what happens if I don't pull the archer, who would I put in her stead?

    Any other recommendations are also appreciated!
  4. Kyrian

    Kyrian Well-Known Member

    Party Leader:
    You can pull Chantel from Daybreak Isle or (if you're lucky) from Challenge Recruit. If you decide to go for Milla/Baltro at Daybreak Isle, you'll probably end up with a few copies of Chantel along the way depending on how many pulls you make. If you do not pull Chantel, put in the demon hunter, Oletta. If you do not pull Oletta, leave Hatifas in that slot until you pull another singer/dancer (either :archer:Musica, :archer:Chantel or :warrior:Hassan).

    Morgan's main purpose isn't to tank, actually. She is there so you can easily chain your arcana's skils for increased damage (the demon hunter is chained last for this reason, either 3rd chain or max chain) and for the 15% passive damage boost for archers. That's pretty much it. If you don't have an A rank weapon on Morgan already, wait until Agudara raid to give her the raid weapon (a sword). This will allow her to clear monsters more easily on the way to the demon, but her damage to Agudara will be negligible at higher levels.

    Nowadays for higher level demon raids, raid weapons only make clearing mobs easier; the multiplier is too weak to deal significant damage to the demon. The job of killing the demon rests on the demon hunter's shoulders. That's why you absolutely need at least one in your party. Either demon hunter + :archer:Musica or double demon hunter.

    You have to clear the mobs as quickly as possible while avoiding annoying debuffs like seal which prevent your arcana from using their specials. Once at the demon, do a max chain in this order (exclude the arcana you don't have of course).

    :knight:Morgan -> :wizard:Frau -> :archer:Chantel (if you pull her) -> :wizard:Roxanna -> :archer:Musica -> :archer:demon hunter Oletta (lower LB/level) -> :archer:demon hunter Oletta (higher LB level)
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