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    I see some players dealing up to 100,000 damage each time on beserk demons meanwhile I am only dealing 60,000.
    So how could I raise my damage during demon raids? Is there any recommended arcana to use?
    (I know that demon hunters are recommended but I don’t pull for them)
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    Make sure you are using a lot of buffers, even if you don't pull for hunters keep an eye out for friends who pull or just throw some friend requests to random people until you get one. Last raid I went with Mikasa (warrior buff), Musica (one of the best buffs out there, not cheap), Frau (cheap 1 mana buff) and Aqua (Heal+buff special). A max chain got me an easy 600k damage on the boss with a special from the hunter, it's just a matter of building the party based on the hunter for each raid.
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