Thoughts on solo the new ring character

Discussion in 'Arcana Cards & Weapons' started by kariz133, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. kariz133

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    How good do you guys think he is and is worth mlb?
    How do you think he compares to other UR archers?
  2. Kyrian

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    Never turn your nose up at any character that's easy to MLB, especially if you plan to be free to play (FTP). Like any FR character, Solo is worth MLBing because you only need enough AC to do it and it's much easier to do so than tavern or event UR's. Tavern UR's require a large prysma investment unless you are the chosen one of the Random Number God. Event UR's are relatively easy to MLB for FTP but often require a high level team (or a very specific one), so they may be out of reach for new players.

    Always MLB FR characters like Solo because he's accessible and one of the few MLB arcana you'll have access to at the beginning of the game... and heck, even for established players. Besides, he has decent abilities and stats. He pales in comparison with gunners and tavern archers, but at least you are guaranteed to MLB him if you try... and besides, at MLB, his stats are equivalent to a V1 LB2 tavern archer. Unless you invest a lot of prysma in an arcana or spend real money, you will most likely have LB0 tavern arcana as FTP, so Solo will still be better than most other archers you will have access to.

    How much you'll need to MLB depends on your luck. Some people have managed to MLB him in less than 20 pulls (40k AC), while others have needed more than 100 pulls (200k AC) due to bad luck.

    TLDR: MLB him. Farm AC like a madman for him if you have too! Just make sure to get it done before February because after that he won't be in Challenge Recruit anymore.
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    Selene (75)
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    Which bow would be suitable for him? Double Million?
  4. Jun314

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    Hrm... I can't say I'd recommend :archer:Solo over, say, :archer:Nikolas since he's just better at pretty much everything (unless you're planning on running with like 3-4 archers/gunners in your team, where you can take full advantage of his aura).

    I got a copy of him because Fukujun. I spent around 120k AC to get a single copy of him, which seems to be about average from what I hear.
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    I think that his name is pretty ironic, because he's pretty bad...solo.
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    MLB demons / Paloma / Mustapha or depends
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    comparing FR 5* to other 5* is like comparing F2P player to P2P player...
    some say V1 Lindsey is trash, worthless after V2 released, and now Forest team is getting the hype, and V1 Lindsey having the forest kizuna for 25% atk buff and speed buff...

    get what i meant?
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  7. lostpig

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    Let me see...
    Nina - MLB on re-release
    Frau - MLB
    Trystan - MLB
    Deed - MLB on re-release
    Scherazard - 5 on hand, can MLB if I wanted to
    Nikolas - LB1, 3 more on hand, can MLB
    Lindsey - LB3
    Solo - 3 on hand so far
    Fuuko, Tigre, Paloma - didn't get :oops:

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