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Discussion in 'Party Advice' started by Karma Akabane, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Whoever it is atm.
    and I've recruited some party members but I dunno if they're good (le noob). Also I'd love help making a party. My units are listed below:

    :wizard: Magicians




    My cost at the moment is only 37 :p
    Hope you have a fantastic day

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    You do know that there's only one more week of GCC. The drop rate is huge. Spend all your prysma.

    Alright, alright, time to do what I love best.

    I take it you've been here since halloween.

    First off, if you've read some of the guides, (there are some really good ones on the other CC forum), you'll know that the best free 2* healer is Latty. But then again. You might want to quickly run through to the Holy Capital, unlock it, and pull at the tavern for Lilith, best healer in game.

    If you want a guide/questions about how to fastly run through the Main Story, i'll be happy to write one up for you.

    At your point as well, Vorg > Bernadette, even though his second ability is useless. (You won't fight dragons that much.... *cough* the last boss is a dragon *cough*)

    Bernadette is pretty good, but as you just started getting used to GCC, you won't like the fragile use of her as a suicidal bomber.

    Carmilla, isn't she that vanguard AOE mage? That's pretty impressive. If you want a mage, however, cheap one-mana LINE AOE like Bilgitto and Febrya is the way to go, for starters. Carmilla is pretty good.

    I'm trying to make a standard warrior-cleric party to cruise through the story. Therefore, all mana should go to the warrior/cleric and not too much towards the mage. Hence, cheap one-mana aoe doesn't plug up your mana storage.

    Ioh. LB2 him...? I don't care.

    Envy for gold farming.

    Shaly for sub-party in demon raids to slow down that mana jackpot.

    Solo to buff other archers. You won't need him right now. Throw him out unless you MLB him. And collect gunners.

    Either way, that took....ten minutes, because you don't have too many units. Amass some more, and i can do a proper review.

    Oh, also, HERO is reaaaaallly, reaallly, good. Pretty good.

    Dusty is a very good farmable 2* at some quest on the first map. So is Latty.

    Haruaki is the silver card at the "Ogre Blade in the Mist" Free Quest (It's called that..I think). Very good.

    Feel free to ask questions.

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